I have some GREAT NEWS for you!


Don’t have time to read my books,  
NOT a problem, just LISTEN TO THEM!

 Introducing the:Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert  
Audio Book Series!

Yes, many of you have asked me for audio books…so here they are.

Now you can instantly download my books into your computer, laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad or any MP3 player.


I know how busy you are and how hard it is for you to find the time to just sit and read the over 400 Pages of Haircolor Education written in my books.

Now you will be able to just listen to them in your car, at the gym, or anywhere that you can take an MP3 player.


These audiobooks are super high-quality recordings read by a professional voice-over personality making them VERY pleasant to listen to.

And Here’s The Best Part……

You Will Receive:

•    How Haircolor Really Works
•    Great Gray Coverage
•    Amazing Redheads
•    Exotic Brunettes
•    Incredible Single Process Blondes
•    Stunning Process Blondes


Also as very SPECIAL BONUS with this Audio Book Series, I’m including a FREE
“Chart Pack E-Book” with each audiobook.

“Chart Pack E-Books”

These Chart Pack E-Books will have all of the important GRAPHICS that I have put into the actual books.

This way as you listen to the reader talking about certain Color Combinations or Formation Concepts, you will be able to follow along while viewing the image in the Chart Pack E-Book.

Also included with each Chart Pack E-Book, you’ll get a complete “Haircolor Glossary” with over 200 haircolor terms and definitions at NO Extra Charge!

These Chart Pack E-Books will be delivered to you instantly along with the Audio Books themselves.

PLEASE NOTE: These Audio Books are
You will NOT be receiving Audio CD’s in the mail.
Also, these audio files are very large so you must have a
HIGH SPEED Internet connection to be able to download them.

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